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China's largest small and medium-sized enterprise information services mainone - the spirit of "faith-based, long-term service" business purposes, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide enterprises website, online promotion, on-demand software (SaaS) and other services.
Six years, China enterprise development myth! Ming was founded in April 27, 2004, six years short time, already has more than 40 branches, more than 3000 people service team, provide face "consultant" services to small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 20 of small and medium-sized enterprise customers, and formed a partnership with IBM, Lenovo and other world top five enterprises, China is now most small and medium-sized enterprise informationization service.
The high-end technology, guarantee the quality of service! The inscription has from the United States Silicon Valley R & D team, has five national patent technology, and achieved twenty core of intellectual property rights, was awarded the high-tech enterprises, double soft certification enterprises! Mainone network, e-commerce platform for Chinese enterprises to provide authoritative, comprehensive, high quality, professional line service the next station for Chinese enterprises; mainone eight Tongbao, China Software Association "China excellent software" five consecutive championships; China B2B alliance, founded by Ming nets, select hundreds of flagship industry website coalition in the core industry, industry website the best together
Service enterprise. Have passed the examination, the specialized search the best weapon era, Ming intelligent website, "project" 2005 annual national key new product plan; mainone online customer service system, "Beijing torch plan project"; mainone little wealth, instant messaging software most entrepreneurs welcome;
The original vision and mission and conscience
· staff spiritual beauty, let it take their food, their customs
· core value gentlemanly love Choi in a proper way!
· philosophy principle with fixed random moving
· Management principle discipline contributions to punish
· organization construction to learn more
· Honour the teacher and respect his teaching, talent resources
· market expansion to psychological siege to heart and to the armed struggle
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