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Nanjing new ship ship management Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person qualification of the Limited by Share Ltd, was incorporated in 1999 in Hongkong Newship Shipping Co., LTD., incorporated in Nanjing New Sea Shipping Co. Ltd. in Nanjing the same year, in 2006 changed to the Nanjing Xinhai ship ship management Co. Ltd., is the National Maritime Bureau awarded the first grade a seafarer service the qualifications of institutions, with domestic and international ship management qualification and seafarer agencies qualification units, Deputy Secretary General of the Jiangsu area ship management industry seminar unit. And in 2016, the company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Mainly engaged in domestic and international transport of goods by sea, domestic and International Seamen labor export, domestic ship management, ship trial and other business.
In terms of crew management.
The company has People's Republic of China Maritime Bureau issued a "class a crew service agencies permit" and "crew service license", in 2004 the company was awarded the "integrity of the Jiangsu maritime bureau crew star management unit" honorary title, Nanjing Industrial and Commercial Bureau company awarded "the contract and trustworthy enterprise" the honorary title. The company's existing employees nearly 300 crew, and the other long-term escrow crew more than 180, through training and obtain the professional certificate of competency requirement of STCW78/95. The 90% crew members graduated from the Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime Univeristy, Jiangsu Maritime Academy, Nantong shipping, maritime institutions, to ship service container ships, bulk cargo ships, oil tankers, chemical tankers and other ships and special ships. The crew is more knowledgeable, younger, professional, high quality and adaptable. Company and Shanghai long endurance, people's livelihood ship, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore shipowners and other domestic and overseas shipowners in the crew, labor dispatch and ship management cooperation. The Yangtze River is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Nanjing Tonghai Zhenhua Port Machinery company..
In the management of ships.
In 2001 the company engaged in international ship management, and in July 2007 to apply for and engage in international ship management qualification in China, November 2007 has made the domestic coastal shipping management qualification, the company has several years of experience in ship management has a captain, chief engineer, who is a professional management team of a ship management business skill, excellent quality. At present, the company is the Jiangsu area ship management seminar Secretariat Deputy Secretary General units..
In ship trial.
I have a number of stable, high-quality, young, professional ship trial team, for the Yangtze River and the surrounding areas of Jiangsu shipbuilding enterprises to provide ship trial service. In the company safety management system standards, adhere to the safety first, the annual trial of hundreds of ships, from small to large to hundreds of thousands of tons of tug ship, has safety of ship repair plant, won praise.
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